Tobhta Uachdrach
mountain panorama

From here you have an amazing view of many of the beloved peaks of Scotland's west coast mainland. But we don't believe this view would be quite so spectacular without the rugged skeleton of Rona ('rocky island' - from Norse) and its better known sister island, Raasay, which was home to Clann an Taillear and the international Gaelic poet, Sorley Maclean.

Rising above you to the west is the Trotternish Ridge, the longest inland cliff in Britain. It extends north to south from Sgurr Mņr to the Storr. Trotternish is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Britain. The great ridge, which forms its backbone is the longest on Skye, and its unique eastern escarpment has been broken by Europe's largest landslides into a remarkable landscape.

Take your time to not only enjoy the view, but experience the rich variety of light effects. They will always be different. A local Gaelic poet, Maoilios Caimbeul, likes to describe Trotternish as
Dłthaich an t-Solais – The Country of Light.