Staffin Trust

Urras an Taobh Sear - Staffin Community Trust

The Staffin Community Trust has been actively developing projects on behalf of the community for over thirteen years. Due to the decline in local population (1991 Census) the Trust was set up to stimulate economic and social activities in the community, improve services and strengthen the people’s sense of place.

The Trust has undertaken a range of ambitious projects with expenditure of just over £750,000. Projects have mainly focused on historical and environmental themes, recognising the assets of the Staffin area: a strong sense of community identity and a spectacular and unique natural environment which is of great attraction to geologists, naturalists, and walkers.

The Trust is a Limited Company and the committee includes representatives from a range of local voluntary groups and organisations, such as the Community Council, Community Hall Association and Columba 1400 Leadership Centre.

Staffin Community Trusts’s biggest project completed so far was the redevelopment of Staffin slipway and access road for the use of local people and visitors alike. The slipway is owned by Highland Council but the Staffin Trust instigated the project and commissioned the early studies such as engineering, otter displacement, planning permission and development drawings.

The Trust then raised the funds needed which came to £350,000 and the community, through the Trust, gathered together 10K in about four weeks as their contribution. Special thanks are due to The Highland Council, ERDF and Skye & Lochalsh Enterprise, as they were then.

The Trust has also created a number of paths in the community, been responsible for interpretation projects, tree planting, a local history project, patronymics study (family trees) and a place names survey (including digital mapping).

Staffin Community Trust was awarded funding from various sources to go ahead with the Staffin Data Atlas, Ceumannan - Staffin Ecomuseum and Sùil an t-Solais – Skye Photography Festival.