You can find out more about our culture and nature in the following locations. They also provide refreshments, shops, internet access and toilets.

Staffin Community Hall - Talla Stafainn

More information on local history, culture and language, shop and toilets.

On behalf of the community, the Hall Committee has been working towards the renovation of the building. Staffin Stores is a community shop. All profits are put towards the renovation funds.

Columba 1400 – International Leadership & Community Centre

Community & International leadership centre, Café, internet access, souvenir shop, toilets

Staffin Data Atlas, Clàr an Taobh Sear

You can access the Staffin Data Atlas at a computer based at the centre. It incorporates a database and three-dimensional map. The resource permits IT users the opportunity to research the Staffin area and to access data on patronymics (family trees), place-names and local history.

Urras an Taobh Sear – Staffin Community Trust

Staffin Museum (Easter – October)

More information on geology and dinosaurs. Small but excellent local museum, best known for its collection of Dinosaur remains found on the Trotternish Peninsula. Archaeological and social history collections. Scotland’s most prestigious and largest collection of Scottish dinosaur remains than that held anywhere else in the World.
(Neil D L Clark, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow)