Dinosaur print Fossils Staffin Museum


Although dinosaur discoveries have been a fact in England and the wider world for over 300 years, it was only in the 1980s that discoveries emerged in Scotland. Skye’s first dinosaur fossil was a single 49 cm long ornithopod footprint discovered at Brothers’ Point. Additional dinosaur footprints and trackways continue to be uncovered on the Trotternish Peninsula in the rocks of the Mid Jurassic age (175 million years ago).

In 2005 Skye’s dinosaurs made an historic appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records, when the island was recorded as having the World’s smallest dinosaur footprints. These prints are held in the Hunterian Museum, but Staffin Museum has replicas.

In this museum the public has the rare opportunity to see Scotland’s most impressive collection of Scottish dinosaur remains. The dinosaur discoveries from Bearreraig Bay and the beach near the slipway at Staffin Bay have increased the number of visitors. Giant footprints of the carnivorous dinosaur found at An Corran are the most accessible of our dinosaur remains, though these are exposed during the winter months only.